Kiteboarding South Australia (KSA) is a non-profit association that promotes kitesurfing in the state and has a strong focus on safety & keeping beach access to kite surfers. KSA aims to work with South Australian kitesurfing community to ensure that safety information is distributed to all parties, and we also provide 3rd party liability insurance to paid up members.

Relation to Kiteboarding Australia (KA)

KSA is a one of many state associations that are part of Kiteboarding Australia (KA). We as KSA have our own committee and events, but also work with the national committee KA to run national events in South Australia.

Kiteboarding Australia provide the system to manage and communicate with all members in Australia.

How to become a member

To become an insured member please signup via the Kiteboarding Australia website.

Click here to become a member!

What becoming a member means

Joining KSA will help all of us in South Australia to unite our voices and our efforts to keep our beaches open to kite surfing. Membership fees will allow us to maintain this website, provide education for the local shops and members, create launch areas, signs and purchase insurance for events that the KSA association holds throughout each year.

Your state or local association are responsible for the development and progression of the sport on a regional level and the portion of funds they receive are required to be put towards these tasks. In addition to receiving the monthly newsletter, paid members will receive public liability insurance.

Identification Tag

Once you have joined, you’ll receive a tag that you can attach to your gear (most people keep them on their harnesses) for easy identification of your membership. There are requirements from Port Adelaide Enfield Council that you must wear your tag to ride at Largs North and North Haven.

Under the CASA permit, you’re also required to be a member to fly your kite at Henley Beach South between the Burbridge Rd and Gilmore St (refer to the locations page for details of all current permits etc).


If you would like any information included in the newsletter, or if you have a message you would like sent to the members (example: awesome session report or discovering a new location) please contact the association committee at: