Who is KSA?

First and foremost KSA is a group of active kiters who have been volunteering their time, knowledge and efforts to represent, promote and develop this exciting and fast growing sport in South Australia. We used to be called SAKSA until very recently, so you may come across us under that name too.


What does KSA do for you?

The committee’s work occurs largely behind the scenes, though here is a snapshot of what we do for our members


Maintain and increase beach access

KSA actively works with councils,the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) and Marine and Harbours (M&H) to keep beaches open and safe for kiters. The metro beaches that are open for kiting now, are a direct result of KSA negotiating with the respective councils before any action was taken to ban kite boarding within certain council areas. Access to these areas is thus conditional,as the council wanted to ensure that all kiters were covered by insurance. See where to kite for more information on locations.



KA provides the most comprehensive and well regarded insurance coverage for kite boarders in Australia.

  • KA membership encompasses $20m third party liability and extensive personal accident cover.
  • The insurance is for a full 12 month period, regardless of what month you join in.

The questions ‘why don’t we all just self-insure?’ or ‘Do I really need $20,000,000 liability coverage?’ are often raised. The councils have all specified that they require minimum $20,000,000 liability insurance. $20mil for $125 is good value. Registered individual members receive a KA card and a harness ‘Tag’ in recognition of their membership of KA. The harness tag identifies to people and authorities that the member is both a safe kiteboarder and has appropriate insurance coverage whilst undertaking kiteboarding activities.

Going through KSA means you’re insured by an Australian insurer (not a dodgy backyarder overseas insurer) and you’re backed nationwide by KA and its other affiliate state associations. For more information about insurance cover under KA click here.


Organisation of State Competitions

Besides beach access and insurance,  SAKSA loves to give something back to you in the community. Each year, we work hard to run both:

  • the South Australian Freestyle Titlesand
  • the South Australian Wave titles

We aim to make these competitions professional and fun for competitors,spectators and local residents. The events are aimed at everyone from newbies who just want to have some fun, to the pros who aim to throw down some mind-blowing tricks and place for the Nationals.

Having a state body coordinating these events has enabled the committee to get support from local shops and distributors so that at each comp we have a huge range of amazing prizes to give away.


Organisation of Social Events

KSA is aware that not everyone is into competitions, so each year we also run a host of events aimed at giving something back to the entire community. These have included

  • Start of Season Opener
  • Safety Night
  • Robe Easter Classic
  • Charity Down winder
  • Social events and pizza nights
  • BBQs


Being part of a kiteboarding Community

The South Australian kite boarding community is unique compared to other states;overall we are a cohesive mob all in the sport for the same reason, because we love it. This shared attitude has meant that many of us have built
friendships that we’ll have for the rest of our lives. Kite boarding takes us back to the fundamental basics of enjoying life.
So next time you’re heading out kiting,remember to check if your KSA Membership is up to date.

Kiteboarding Australia will send you a reminder email to your registered email address 4 weeks prior to expiry, but make sure to check it yourself. Also, when you’re talking your mate into learning to kite,or even talking to fellow kiters on the beach who aren’t KSA members, take a second to clue them in on who KSA is, and what we do for the kiting community,that the combined voice of as many kiters as possible behind the one body gives us more negotiating strength to ensure the beaches remain open for the sport we love.


Lastly, KSA is only as good as its volunteers, and we are always looking for new members to join the committee with fresh perspectives and ideas. If you’re interested in helping out please contact one of the KSA representative.

We would love to welcome you aboard and help make kite boarding in SA even better!

See you on the water!