Reasons to become a KA/KSA Member.

Kiteboarding Australia is a Federation consisting of five State and Territory Associations, often referred to as State Kiteboarding Associations (SKAs). Kiteboarding South Australia is one of them. Individual members have their say through their State Kiteboarding Association by electing their committees who in turn elect the Board of Kiteboarding Australia. Kiteboarding Australia is the national member of the ISAF international class association for kiteboarding, the International Kiteboarding Association. KA is also the national class association for kiteboarding of Yachting Australia, the national member authority for sailing

Some of benefits in becoming a member of Kiteboarding Australia include:

  • KA provides the most comprehensive and well regarded insurance coverage for kiteboarders in Australia.
  • KA membership encompasses $20m third party liability and extensive personal accident cover.
  • The insurance is for a full 12 month period regardless of what month you join in.
  • Access to State Competitions and other events organised by KSA
  • Receive support from Australia’s governing body for Kiteboarders.
  • Allows access to KA sanctioned events.
  • Help to ensure Kiting beaches remain open in Australia.
  • Registered individual members receive a KA card and a harness ‘Tag’ in recognition of their membership of KA. The harness tag identifies to people and authorities that the member is both a safe kiteboarder and has appropriate insurance coverage whilst undertaking kiteboarding activities.
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  • More benefits to come!
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