Register now for 2010 National kiteboarding championships

Kiteboarders wishing to compete in the Australian National Freestyle
Championships (Feb 11, 12, 13 in Melbourne) are to gain
pre-qualification prior to the event.
Entries are to be lodged no later than the 5th of February, 2010.

Entries for all divisions: Open Men?s, Women's, Junior's (U18) as 1st
June 2009 and Master's (over 35 as of 1st June 2009) are open now for
lodgment by going to and click on events to register.
To read about the rules and qualifications for the nationals go to the
articles section on the website.
Read below for details of pre-qualification process, if you fall into
the pre-qualification as a ranked rider you must still lodge your
application ensuring you highlight your National ranking as gained
from 2009 championship results.

To pre-qualify in the 2010 Freestyle National Titles:

1> Placed anywhere in the top 4 in either division at 2009
Championship (Riders in this category hold seeded positions 1-4

2> Previous competitor at 2009 championship in any division (Riders
will carry their respective ranking if placed 5th, 6th, 7th or 8th)
all other riders will gain pre-qualification status only.

3> Riders who did not compete at the 2009 championships but did
compete in an AKSA sanctioned state freestyle title event and placed
in the top 5 in any division (Riders in this category must contact
their state AKSA official to confirm ranking to gain pre-qualified

4> Riders who are known to AKSA officials to be of standard that has
either competed previously at the National or International level but
have not competed in AKSA sanctioned events for a period of no longer
than 2 years, may gain pre-qualified status if they make their
intentions known by lodging application by the due date and
highlighting last event competed in and result.

5> All other riders must lodge respective application by the due date
and highlight in the application riders level, profile and trick
repertoire to try and win a wild card selection.

To compete it costs just $30. Go to and click on
events to register. All riders are to make themselves aware of the
rules and regulations including being a current financial member of
AKSA, Australian citizen or have permanent residency.
Registrations lodged after the 5th of February will incur a $30 late
fee for administration costs.


That time of the year again…

Memberships for the 2009/10 year commenced on October 1 !

To  join or retain your membership including permits and insurance,  send us through the membership form (see Memberships page) with either a cheque or direct debit payment.

We have tags in stock to send out to you directly, once we’ve received both the signed form and payment.

Thanks again for your support!

Largs a success, now onto Whyalla!

We had an awesome turnout for the Sign Up Day at Largs last weekend and while the wind was lack lustre, the steaks and sausages were demolished in fine style…

Croc and Tino are heading up to Whyalla for this weekend to catch up with a few kiters in the northern districts and hopefully the breeze comes in as well as the forecasts look (at this stage…!).

Thanks  to everyone who made it to Largs; it was a great catch up and also good to see plenty of the 2010 gear on display.

If you missed it, a reminder that the membership expires on October 1 so not long to renew. We’ve already been warned that the authorities are going to be hot onto those kiters not wearing the appropriate tags and safety gear. We’ve got plenty of tags in stock so you’ll get them before the old tags expire if you’re quick to lodge your membership form.

For those of you looking to renew your membership, you can download it from this website under the “Memberships” page.

Catch you on the water soon!

SAKSA Annual General Meeting and Presentation night

Don’t miss it, Wednesday September 2 at West Beach Surf Lifesaving Club
from 6.30.
Get in early, order one of their great schnitzels and then sit back and enjoy the
night. All the official stuff starts at 7pm sharp. Remember if you want to nominate to
help out on the committee this is the time to do it; SAKSA is looking for a new
After the AGM we move onto the long awaited trophy presentations to the
winners of the State Wave Titles held at Seaford earlier this year. No bookings required…just be early!